Optistation-3000 Series Offers High-Precision, Ultra-Fast Inspection For 300MM Wafers

juill. 18, 2001

Nikon introduces the new Optistation-3000 Wafer Inspection System, a set of tools optimally designed to fit all 300mm inspection needs. The system includes three models: OST-3000, a simple open cassette instrument for engineering and analysis; OST-3100, an off line single FOUP inspection tool featuring a small footprint and low price; and OST-3200, a two FOUP system that meets 300mm factory automation needs.

All models offer the ultimate in high-precision, high throughput macro and micro inspection, plus ultra-clean transfer and rapid inspection in an operator-friendly environment. All models also offer an integrated mini environment (standard on the OST-3100 and 3200; optional on the OST-3000). Compatible with Nikon's award-winning DART wafer inspection software and other software packages, the Optistation-3000 tools are flexible for complete compatibility with most line layouts.

The flexible Optistation-3000 systems allow superb brightfield and darkfield observation as standard, plus optional differential interference contrast (DIC) observation. A newly designed deep ultraviolet (DUV) module is available to meet 0.10um design rule. Front and back-side macro inspection is a standard feature on the OST-3100 and OST-3200, and is optional on the OST-3000. In addition, flexible layouts on the single load port systems allow the load ports to be placed on the side or rear of the OST-3100 and OST-3200, and side of front of the OST-3000, allowing the tools to easily adapt to various cleanroom layouts.

Optistation-3000 is remarkably easy to use, thanks to its Windows(R) NT software platform and advanced ergonomic operation. Even novice operators can learn to program the wafer inspection station in minutes. Touch screen technology and motorized optical observation techniques allow for simple and comfortable observation. The operation-keys layout is ideally located for easy operation. Plus, the OST-3000 series offers a comfortable inspection posture for all users, with tilting eyepiece tubes, optimal microscope eyepoint and compliance with SEMI S8-0600 guidelines. The system can be fully automated for loading, magnification change, brightfield/darkfield switching,

aperture stop, field stop and polarizer capabilities. All systems are equipped with Nikon's patented CFI60 optical system, providing high numerical apertures with long working distances. This results in images of better clarity, higher contrast and minimal flare, even at extremes of magnification.

The system is exceptionally clean, surpassing Class I cleanroom-compatible specifications. The Optistation-3000 series relies on fewer moving parts, DC servo motors and stepper motors for its ultra-clean operation, and features flow-through ventilation and hands-off operation to keep it free of contaminants in daily use. Also, all Nikon inspection tools comply with the latest SEMI safety and ergonomic standards and are CE marked.

For more information on the Optistation-3000 series, please contact Nikon Instruments Inc., 1300 Walt Road, Melville, NY 11747; phone (800) 52-Nikon, ext. P1049, or visit the Nikon website and Microscopy U.