What is the Nikon BioImaging Lab?

The Nikon BioImaging Lab provides research services for microscope-based imaging and analysis. The Lab offers full-service microscopy, data acquisition and analysis services. Our expert staff have decades of experience in biology and microscopy. The Nikon BioImaging Lab uses the latest in cutting-edge imaging and data-analysis tools from Nikon, all backed by a company with more than 100 years of experience in providing cutting edge tools to the life sciences community.

What services does the Nikon BioImaging Lab provide?

The lab provides full-service imaging, data analysis, and cell cultures using Nikon microscope systems and software solutions. The staff includes biologists and microscopists that provide support in imaging, data acquisition and analysis. The level of service and involvement of the lab is determined individually for each client based on need. Visit our Services page for more information.

The lab supports a wide range of applications, including but not limited to high content imaging and analysis, 3D Imaging and organ-on-chip imaging.

What differentiates Nikon from other providers?

Nikon has been a technological market leader in scientific imaging for more than 100 years. Today, the company is a leader in Biomedical imaging and has some of the most advanced imaging technology available in the world. The Nikon BioImaging Lab uses its years of optical innovation and cutting-edge product offerings to help scientists accelerate clinical and diagnostic breakthroughs. Although the right lab is determined by the specific needs of the individuals or organizations, if the need is imaging, microscopy, or assay based, the Nikon BioImaging Lab is an excellent fit.

How does the Nikon BioImaging Lab ensure the security of sensitive research information?

The Nikon BioImaging Lab has a comprehensive data security strategy in place that uses several layers of protection to ensure the security of customers’ information. This includes hardware, network, application, and personnel security measures. Nikon employs industry standard best practices to ensure the integrity and security of the data we provide.

What is Organ-on-a-chip (OoC) imaging?

Organ-on-chips mimic the complex, three-dimensional structures and functions of living organs in vitro, providing reproducible assay environments for drug testing and the study of health and disease states specific to various organ systems. Imaging these simulated micro-organs typically requires high speed and imaging depth as well as analysis techniques to quantify this three-dimensional data. Nikon provides a complete acquisition and analysis solution for Organ-on-a-Chip Imaging.

How do I set up an initial consultation?

Interested in working with us? Need clarification? Reach out, we are more than happy to discuss what the Nikon Bioimaging Lab can do for you. Contact us today!