Digital Sight 50M

Monochrome Microscope Camera


Digital Sight 50M
Image sensor Nikon FX-Format
Monochrome CMOS image sensor
Size: 35.8 × 23.8 mm
Pixel size 3.76 µm
Full frame size 9552 × 6336
Lens mount F-mount
Cooling method Electronic cooling
ISO sensitivity
(recommended exposure index)
Equivalent to ISO 200
Quantum efficiency

85% at 500 nm

Full well capacity 45000e- (typ.)
Readout noise 6e–
Dark current 1.0e-/p/s (Ta=25°C)(typ.)
Live display mode*
(maximum fps)
Full Frame: 6 fps
Up to 225.9 fps**
Exposure time 150 μsec–120 sec
Photometry mode Average photometry: Average intensity within the photometry area
Peak photometry: Maximum intensity within the photometry area
Exposure controlOne-time automatic exposure: Exposure time is adjusted automatically for one-time within the optimum range for the camera
Continuous automatic exposure: Automatic exposure adjustment is performed continuously to keep the exposure within the camera
Manual exposure: Exposure time and gain settings are made manually
Exposure correction Average metering: -1 EV ~ +1/2 EV
Peak hold metering: -1 EV ~ ±0 EV
Interface USB 3.2GEN1 (connect with PC) × 1, External trigger × 1
Power supply AC100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption27 W
Operating environment0-40°C, 60% RH max. (without condensation)

* Maximum frame rate depends on exposure time.
** With 640 × 480 ROI, 3x3 Binning, 8 Bit Mode