Notes d'application

Wide FOV, High-Resolution Confocal Imaging of Podosomes in Osteoclasts ~ Macro and micro observation ~

juillet 2021

Dr. Tadahiro Iimura, Dr. Ji-Won Lee, et al. of the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty and Graduate School of Dental Medicine, Hokkaido University have been studying lifelong changes in bones and joints from the viewpoint of skeletal development, maintenance of homeostasis, aging, and pharmacology. There is a ring structure called the “actin ring” on the adhesive surface between osteoclasts and bone, and electron microscope level resolution was required up until now in order to observe the microstructure of ”podosomes”, which are the components of this actin ring. This application note introduces examples of osteoclast macro-observation and podosome micro-observation using the new generation AX confocal microscope, and quantitative analysis thereof.