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How to build a Bioimage Analysis Workflow with multiple image analysis tools


  • Dr. Carlo Antonio Beretta

    Imaging Specialist, Dept. Anatomy and Cell Biology & Institute for Pharmacology, Heidelberg University

  • Dr. Simone Lepper

    European Product Manager, Imaging Software & Screening, Nikon Europe BV

Join our AI webinar series and learn how researchers from different fields use artificial intelligence to accelerate image analysis.

How can we investigate biological processes with lower phototoxicity in-vivo?

What can we obtain from imaging them at high temporal resolution?

Can we create a workflow that combines deep learning with standard machine learning?

Artificial Intelligence and deep learning are powerful tools that help researchers to understand processes in-vivo faster.

Dr. Carlo Antonio Beretta, from the Department for Anatomy and Cell Biology and Institute of Pharmacology at Heidelberg University, will discuss how deep learning assisted him in tackling significant obstacles that emerged while observing brain tumor invasion.

Moreover, he will discuss a workflow to accelerate the generation of precise manual ground truth data for automated 3D nuclei segmentation.

In turn, Dr. Simone Lepper, European Product Manager Imaging Software & High-Content Screening Microscopy, will discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning methods are making seemingly impossible tasks now possible.

Recovering contrast, improving the signal-to-noise ratio, managing challenging acquisition parameters or segmentation have been challenging parts of the image analysis. You can now seamlessly automate these parts with the support of AI and accelerate your research.

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