Custom Image Processing and Analysis

Image processing has a wide variety of uses and is an integral part of most microscopy experiments, from clarifying low-signal images to preparing images for robust segmentation and quantification. Custom analysis workflows are used for applications from gathering single-cell statistics to training AI networks for detection of customer-defined features.


Heavy image processing potentially alters the relative intensities of features across an image, making quantification inconsistent or unreliable. Similarly, segmenting regions of interest must be consistent across all images in a data set to ensure reliable quantification. Low image quality is a common driver of both over-processing of images as well as inconsistent segmentation.


Nikon’s NIS-Elements imaging software provides a wide variety of options for both quantitative and non-quantitative image processing depending on the application, as well as pre-trained and user-trained AI tools for image processing and feature identification. Additional generalized tools such as deconvolution, extended depth of focus reconstruction, and spot detection are also available.

The NBIL is staffed with expert assay scientists & microscopists who will work with you to develop and execute customized image acquisition and analysis workflows to advance your research.

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