Contratos de serviço

Manutenção preventiva

Como acontece com qualquer equipamento, para mantê-lo funcionando de forma confiável e para evitar paradas inesperadas, a manutenção preventiva é fundamental. Frequência de manutenção preventiva pode variar dependendo do sistema, geralmente é considerado adequado ter o equipamento atendido aproximadamente a cada ano.

Se o seu produto necessita de um check-up ou manutenção, clique no botão "Entre em contato" para agendar um compromisso em nossa rede de atendimento.

Service Agreements

Depending on the type of equipment, and the potential loss due to downtime, it is often recommended to purchase a Nikon service agreement. These agreements range depending on the level of service needed but all will help you minimize any downtime, and keep up with regular maintenance check ups in a consistent and affordable manner.

Benefits include:

  • Exceptional service and support by certified Nikon Biosystem Service Specialists
  • Consultation with authorized Nikon technical experts
  • NIS-Elements software updates
  • Repair parts, labor and travel expenses included to reduce costs
  • Pre-approved repair and service authorization – means no waiting for a purchase order to have your system repaired
  • One PM service visit with eligible Service Agreement Selection

Multi-year and multi-system packages:

  • Cost-effective pricing options to meet your budget
  • Single or multi-year options available
  • Substantial savings over list price

Contact your local Nikon Representative for more details.