Neuronal Optical Imaging: From Cellular Landscape to Circuit Functionality


  • Uri Manor, Ph.D.

    Director, Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Core, Salk Institute, USA

  • Valentina Emiliani, Ph.D.

    CNRS Research Director, Wavefront-engineering Microscopy Group, Photonics Department, Institut de la Vision, Inserm, France

  • Xiaowei Zhuang, Ph.D.

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator; David B. Arnold Jr. Professor of Science; Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology; Professor of Physics, Harvard University

  • Rituparna Chakrabarti, Ph.D.

    Scientific Editor, iScience

In recent years, the field of neuronal imaging at the cellular and sub-cellular levels has significantly benefited from the advances in genetic engineering, development of sophisticated high-resolution instrumentation, novel probe development, enhanced computing power, and machine learning algorithms. This Cell Press webinar will showcase how these cutting-edge innovations generate valuable structure-function insight into the neuronal circuit. 

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