Defining Physiological Normoxia in Cell Physiology for Improved Clinical Translation


  • Giovanni E. Mann

    Professor, King's College London, United Kingdom

  • Krista Rantanen

    Director of Scientific Applications, Baker Ruskinn

Oxygen levels in cell research: how important is this? Can it affect the outcome? Join our discussion and learn more about physiological normoxia and how this can affect the translation of findings to interventions

Prof. Giovanni E. Mann will discuss the control of environmental factors including ambient oxygen, CO2, pH, and the composition of cell culture media and why this is critical to ensure physiologically relevant cellular function. This lecture focuses on the importance of conducting cell culture experiments under physiological oxygen levels encountered by different cells types in vivo, with the aim of enhancing the translation of in vitro findings into in vivo scenarios (see Keeley & Mann, Physiological Reviews 2019; 99: 161–234).

Successively, Dr. Krista Rantanen, Director of Scientific Applications @Baker Ruskinn, will discuss the solutions that can help researchers maintain a stable environment for their cells.

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