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Nikon Releases Confocal Microscope with World’s Largest Field of View

set. 4, 2018

The A1/A1R HD25 is ideal for high-throughput, high-resolution imaging

Nikon Instruments Inc., innovator of advanced optical instruments, today announced the release of the A1 HD25/AIR HD25 confocal microscope with a groundbreaking 25mm field of view for high-throughput, high-resolution imaging. The new system captures twice the amount of data in a single image, compared to conventional confocals, significantly reducing acquisition times without sacrificing resolution or magnification. Combined with a high-definition resonant scanner, the cutting-edge confocal system enables high-speed, high-throughput imaging of live, whole organisms such as zebrafish and Drosophila.

“As research continues to move towards system-level questions and high-throughput applications, there is a need to accelerate data acquisition without sacrificing detail,” said Steve Ross, Ph.D., General Manager, Products and Marketing, Nikon Instruments Inc., “Nikon has designed the A1 HD25/A1R HD25 with the world’s largest FOV specifically to meet this need.”

Main Features

1. Large image acquisition with the world’s largest FOV
In combination with the ECLIPSE Ti2-E inverted research microscope, the A1 HD25/A1R HD25 achieves the world’s largest confocal FOV of 25 mm. It covers nearly twice the area compared to conventional, 18mm FOV confocal systems. This allows for an increase in data throughput and enables users to capture significant events occurring outside the normal field of view.

2. High-speed imaging of up to 720 fps to capture fast events
The A1R HD25 incorporates a high-definition resonant scanner with an imaging speed of 720 fps (512 x 16 pixels). It can capture ultra-fast events such as ion signaling and reduces photo-damage to cells and photo-bleaching by minimizing light exposure.

3. Double the throughput
With twice the amount of data acquired per image, the A1 HD25/A1R HD25 significantly reduces image capture times for high-throughput screening assays and large image stitching applications without sacrificing resolution or magnification. Furthermore, the fast high-definition (1K, 1024 x 1024 pixels) scanner enables high-resolution, high-quality imaging even at lower magnifications, enabling observation of minute structures within samples.


A1 HD25
A1R HD25
Scanning area25 mm (square inscribed in a 25 mm-diameter circle)
Image sizeGalvano scannerMax. 4096 x 4096 pixels
Resonant scannerMax. 1024 x 1024 pixels
Scanning speed (imaging speed)Galvano scanner

10 fps (512 x 512 pixels, bi-directional)

200 fps (512 x 16 pixels, bi-directional)

Resonant scanner

30 fps (512 x 512 pixels)

720 fps (512 x 16 pixels)

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