Nikon Launches MICROSCOPY U, an Online Source of Education and Inspiration for Microscope Users

nov. 9, 2000

Nikon has launched a completely new kind of website, designed to create community, provide education and offer inspiration to microscope users around the globe. MICROSCOPY U, which is accessible at or via the Nikon website, offers an array of interactive tutorials designed to elevate the user's understanding and mastery of microscopy and photomicrography techniques. It also has image galleries, a knowledge database of published and unpublished papers, a movie and digital imaging area, featured microscopists, education on optical systems, a method of entering Nikon's renowned International Small World Photomicrography Competition, a microscope museum, information sharing, chat, and more. The site is powered by Molecular Expressions, the photomicrography organization headed by Mike Davidson of Florida State University.

"The vast majority of microscope users, in science, education and industry, have a drive to learn and know more," said Jerry Grossman, Nikon's Vice President of Internet Development and Marketing. "Microscopy U offers a unique mix of technical information, tutorials, and interviews with masters on how they achieve their results. But just as important is the gallery of hundreds of prize-winning photomicrographs viewable on the site."

Nikon's MicroscopyU website offers two-click navigation to all information and images. On the home page, the user can view changing images from Nikon's Small World photo archives, along with historic photos of instruments from the company's Microscope Museum. In addition, links can take the surfer directly to the Microscopy U Forum, the Small World Competition area, Interactive Tutorials, the Microscopy Museum, the Featured Microscopist area, the Digital Movie Gallery, the Knowledge Database, and more.

Also directly accessible on the home page are featured articles on such topics as "Fundamentals of Digital Imaging" and "Infinity Optical Systems." A changing JAVA Tutorial of the Week educates the user on such topics as "Optical Aberrations: Astigmatism," and offers the ability, by using a mouse to manipulate images directly, to interact with each tutorial in order to learn more.

Photomicrographers can now upload their entries to the world renowned Nikon International Small World Competition, the world's foremost forum for recognizing excellence in photography through the microscope. The online galleries feature not only hundreds of winning photomicrographs from Nikon's Small World database, but also afford the opportunity to get a closer look into the people who create the stunning photomicrographs. An interview with a new photomicrographer every 2 months will lend insight and information into the creation of the images.

"This site provides more information and stimulation than any other I know of in this field," said Mike Davidson, who helped to develop the site with Nikon. "I look forward to the feedback that we will be receiving from microscopists all over the world. We will continue to work closely with Nikon to change and update the Microscopy U site in response to requests from users."

The launch of Microscopy U is part of a completely new web initiative undertaken by Nikon this year.