Nikon Introduces Eclipse ME600L Industrial Microscope Offering Flexible Illumination Options

avr. 16, 2001

The Nikon Eclipse ME600L microscope has been designed for a variety of industrial applications including observations of translucent and transparent materials, such as mineral samples, PCBs, LCDs or films. Using Nikon's patented CFI60 infinity optical system, the ME600L is also capable of reflected and transmitted illumination techniques.

With a 60mm parfocal distance and larger objective diameter, Nikon's CFI60 optics provide both longer working distances and higher numerical apertures. The results are extremely sharp, high contrast images with virtually no flare. The ME600L also features a flexible epi-illuminator with a 12V/100W halogen lamp, ensuring bright images in brightfield, darkfield, and when doing differential interference contrast or qualitative polarizing observations.

For applications requiring additional illumination, mercury, xenon and metal halide light source options are available. Also, for transparent and translucent materials, the microscope stand incorporates a built-in light source for diascopic illumination and an episcopic/diascopic changeover switch.

In addition, the microscope features the industry leading ergonomic advances for which Nikon is celebrated. Controls are located so that hand movements are instinctive, eliminating the need to reach forward and twist or lift arms from the table. The fine focus knob and the stage handle can be controlled with one hand.

Like all Nikon industrial microscopes, the ME600L stand is exceptionally rigid, for enhanced vibration resistance. Thanks to the ultra-stable design, images remain clear and in focus at all magnifications. Using the most advanced Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) methodologies, the ME600L's rugged body has been designed to withstand the weight of a full complement of accessories without any deterioration in image sharpness due to vibration.

For more information on the Eclipse ME600L industrial microscope, contact Nikon Instruments Inc., Industrial Department, 1300 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747; phone 800-52-NIKON, ext. P1018, or visit the Nikon website and Microscopy U.