Nikon Introduces Eclipse L150 and 150A Industrial Microscope For Materials Science Applications

avr. 9, 2001

Nikon has introduced two new microscopes for materials science, the Eclipse L150 and the Eclipse L150A, which features a motorized nosepiece. The L150 is ESD safe for the magnetic head industry, and in addition the universal motorized nosepiece and controls make the L150A the perfect microscope for the semiconductor industry.

Capacity for large samples

Both microscopes are designed with stage options that can handle up to 6 x 6 inch (150mm x 150 mm) samples, yet feature the smallest footprint for microscopes in their class. With optional spacers, thick samples up to 78mm/3 inches can be observed.

Outstanding Optical Performance

The L150 and L150A incorporate Nikon's patented CFI60 infinity optical system, which offers images with better clarity, higher contrast and minimal flare. These new optics provide longer working distances with higher numerical apertures. Combined with the new illuminator, darkfield images, in particular, have brightness and contrast never possible before. The Universal Epi-Illuminator with 12V/100W halogen lamp ensures bright images whatever observation technique is used -- brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast or qualitative polarizing observations. For applications requiring additional illumination, mercury, xenon and metal halide light source options are also available.

ESD Design

The L150 features a total ESD design. On the L150 and L150A stands, the elimination of static prevents foreign particles from adhering to the microscope body, providing greater safeguards against contamination. With the L150 all parts that the user comes in contact with are ESD, making the microscope ideal for the inspection of static sensitive components, such as magnetic heads.

Advanced Construction

Using the most advanced Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) methodologies, the microscopes' bodies have been made to withstand the weight of a full complement of accessories without any deterioration in image sharpness due to vibration. The base and arm sections of these microscopes can be separated so that the user can add spacers for the observation of thick samples up to 78mm.

Hours of Comfortable Use - Ergonomic Design

All controls are up-front in the microscope base to minimize operation hand movement and the eyepoint is set at the optimum level to ensure comfortable observation. A refocusing mechanism also prevents the objective from hitting the sample. The L150A comes standard with a fixed-motorized quintuple nosepiece. Internal software assures that the nosepiece stops precisely at each objective position. Nosepiece controls are located below the stage to prevent contamination, by eliminating the need to place hands in or near the stage area.

For more information on the Eclipse L150 and L150A industrial microscopes, contact Nikon Instruments Inc., Industrial Department, 1300 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747; phone 800-52-NIKON, ext. P1016, or visit the Nikon website and Microscopy U.