Researcher Interviews

Heinz Beck教授,博士



  • A1R MP+ Multiphoton

A brief summary of Dr. Beck's research

Full time professor at the Laboratory of Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research hosted in the Life & Brain Center, Part of the University of Bonn. Prof Beck obtained his PhD at the University of Cologne. Subsequently, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher and later as a research assistant at the Department of Epileptology of Bonn University before being appointed Professor in 2004.

The main goal of his research team is to understand how elementary integrative properties of neurons and their plasticity are altered in chronic epilepsy. Electrophysiology, multi-photon imaging and optogenetics are the key research tools for his research.

Why use Nikon Instruments systems?

Prof Beck chose to work with Nikon because of the availability of options for combining deep intravital imaging and selective light-mediated activation of neurons. For instance, the implementation of gated detectors now allows rapid switching between multiphoton imaging and targeted optogenetic stimulation in vivo. Combined with fast resonant imaging, this allows to dissect normal and altered neuronal network structures and dynamics in behaving animals.