Point of observation

  • Focus on the specimen using a low magnifying power objective (4X or 10X) and observe the entire image. (Focus knob and stage moving handles)
  • Search by operating focus knob and stage movement handle.


  • Do not switch the objective lens directly from 4X to 60X or 100X. Before switching to the high-magnification objective lens, be sure to focus on the objective lens of 10X or more.

Observe details

  • Move the point you want to observe in detail to the center of the viewfield. To look at the specimen in closer detail, increase the magnification of the objective (20X or 40X objectives), adjust the focus, and observe.
  • Observe after matching the aperture diaphragm lever to the “same figure as the magnifying power of the objective.

To make observations using the maximum resolution

  • To make observations using the maximum resolution, use oil immersion objectives, and the maximum numerical aperture. Refer to item "Oil immersion" for oil immersion objectives and oil immersion observations.
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