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  • mRNA Quantification (smFISH) for Gene Expression Analysis

mRNA Quantification (smFISH) for Gene Expression Analysis

Single molecule fluorescence in situ hybridization (smFISH), known for its ability to quantify individual RNA molecules, is widely used to characterize spatio-temporal patterns of gene expression in single cells. At NBIL we harness this technique to provide RNA quantification services for research applications such as gene expression analysis in response to drug candidates, spatial biology studies, and more.


Fundamentally, smFISH relies on quantification of small, bright spots within the cell. The quality of data and subsequent conclusions depends on the quality of the acquired images, which is hindered by low fluorescence signals, high fluorescence backgrounds, and proximity of adjacent spots. Furthermore, it is important to segment the spots for analysis in a consistent manner and manage potentially large quantities of data depending on experiment complexity.


Nikon’s diverse lineup of world-renowned objective lenses are designed to optimally image a huge variety of sample types. Acquiring clear images enables powerful, repeatable image analysis. The NIS-Elements software is equipped with a full toolbox of image processing, segmentation, and analysis options, including AI-driven functions for pre-defined and customizable feature identification. It is also possible to develop hardware routines to increase imaging throughput and complexity.

The NBIL is staffed with expert assay scientists & microscopists who will work with you to develop and execute customized image acquisition and analysis workflows to advance your research.

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