Quick Guide

Adjust the focus

First, adjust the focus


  1. Please hold the arm of the microscope securely with both hands.


  1. Turn on the light source.
  2. Open the aperture of the condenser lens completely.


  1. Align the diopter ring with the engraved base line.
  2. Secure the specimen slide on the stage.


  1. Confirm the 10X objective lens is being in optical path.
  2. Move the stage to the upper limit.
  3. Adjust the brightness of the light source so that it is not dazzling when you look into it.
  4. Adjust the focus while slowly lowering the stage.


  1. Move the stage moving handles to observe each part of the specimen.
2. Observe comfortably
PreparationAdjusting the interpupillary distance
PreparationDiopter adjustments (1)
PreparationDiopter adjustments (2)
PreparationDiopter adjustments (3)
3. Observe magnified objects
PreparationDiopter adjustments (2)
PreparationLamp illumination and adjusting the brightness
PreparationStage vertical movement stopper
4. Observe objects clearly
PreparationAdjusting the condenser lens
5. Carrying and storing
PreparationCarrying the microscope
PreparationSet up
StorageAfter use
StorageCleaning the eyepieces
StorageStoring the microscope
6. Observe at maximum magnification
Advanced informationOil immersion operation
Advanced informationCleaning the oil immersion lens
7. Know the parts
NameOptical system of microscope
NameName of each part
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