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Microscópio Eletrônico de Varredura de Bancada


MagnificationSecondary electron image : × 10 to × 60,000 Backscattered electron image : × 10 to × 30,000 (when image size is 128 mm × 96 mm)
Imaging modeSecondary electron image, Backscattered electron image (composition, topographic or stereoscopic image)
Accelerating voltagesSecondary electron image ; 5 kV, 10 kV, 15 kV (3 stages) Backscattered electron image ; 10 kV, 15 kV (2 stages)
Electron gunSmall gun with cartridge filament integrating wehnelt
Bias currentAuto bias (linked to accelerating voltage and filament current)
Condenser lensTwo stage electromagnetic zoom condenser lens
Objective lensElectromagnetic lens
Auto magnification correctionMagnification corrected with reference to sample height (7 mm, WD56 to 53 mm, WD10)
Preset magnification 6 levels, user programmable
Specimen stageManual control for X and Y X: 35mm, Y: 35mm
Maximum sample sizeDiameter 70 mm, height 50 mm
Specimen exchange Draw-out mechanism
Image memory One, 1,280 × 960 × 16 bits
Pixels 640 × 480, 1,280 × 960
Image processingPixel accumulation Image accumulation (recursible)
Automated functionsFull-auto, filament adjustment, alignment, focus, stigmator, exposure
MetrologyDistance between 2 points, angles
File formatBMP, TIFF, JPEG
ComputerPC (desktop PC), OS Windows®7
Monitor23 inch wide LCD monitor (touch panel)
Evacuation systemFully automatic, TMP : 1, RP : 1

Installation requirements

Power supplyVoltage : Single phase AC 100 V
(120 V, 220 V, 240 V)
50/60 Hz, 700 VA (AC 100 V)
840 VA (AC 120 V)
880 VA (AC 220 V)
960 VA (AC 240 V)
Fluctuation ±10 % or less, with grounding
Installation roomRoom temperature: 15 to 30°C
Humidity: 60% or less
Operation table: Sturdy table with a loading capacity of 100 kg or more
WeightMain console : approximately 50 kg
RP: approximately 9 kg
Power supply box : approximately 10 kg
Base unit dimensions:325mm (Width) x 490mm (Depth) x x430mm (Height)