Sistema de Observação da Cultura Celular


BioStation CT
Operation With touchscreen LCD
Controllable via a network-linked PC (with Internet Explorer® web browser)
Incubator volume 460 L
Temperature control Direct control via heater panels
Temperature: 37 °C
Humidity control Via aerosol spray humidifier
Range: 70% to 95%, 1% increments
CO2 concentration control CO2 supply: by external CO2 gas cylinder connection
Range: 0% to 20%, 0.1% increments
O2 concentration control (optional) Via optional nitrogen gas generator
Range: 0% to 20%, 1% increments
Compatible culture vessels Culture dish: ø35 mm, ø60 mm, ø100 mm
Well plate: 6-well, 12-well, 24-well, 48-well, 96-well
Culture flask: 25 cm2, 75 cm2
Specimen storage rack 3 rows x 10 tiers (autoclave sterilizable)
Macro observation Image capture of whole vessel with dedicated camera (bird's-eye view)
Camera head: color CCD camera (1280 x 960 pixels)
Brightfield: backlight illumination
Micro observation Magnification: 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
Intermediate magnification: 4x, 2x, 1x, 0.5x
Objective: 4x (Plan Apo DLL), 10x (Plan Fluor ADL)
Camera head: cooled CMOS camera
Phase contrast: high-intensity red LED illumination, automatic phase ring changeover
Epi-fluorescence: LED 438 nm, 472 nm, white light illumination (up to 5 fluorescence filter cubes mountable)
Observation range X-Y: 120 x 90 mm
Z: 4 mm
Z-axis focusing Z-focus point is automatically detected by image contrast detection through Z-axis scanning
Observation With touchscreen LCD or via network-linked PC
Power source Voltage: 115, 230 VAC ± 10%
Power consumption: 1300 VA (max.)
Weight Approx. 470 kg
Operating environment Temperature: 15 °C to 28 °C
Humidity: max. 60% relative humidity (noncondensing)