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Epi-fluorescence Illuminator

Long-life mercury light source, suitable for fluorescence observation.

  • Precentered type–no lamp alignment required.
  • Long lamp life – average lifetime as long as 2,000 hours.
  • Fiber connection–less heat and electrical noise conducted to microscope body. Ideal for time lapse and other lengthy observations.
  • DC (direct current) lighting – constant, non-fluctuating light intensity.
  • Motorized model available–shutter and light intensity controllable from PC or remote controller.

For Eclipse Ni-E / Ni-U / Ci / FN1 / Ti2 / TS100 / TS100-F / AZ100 / AZ100M / Biostation IM-Q

* Intensilight Epi-fluorescence illuminator is not for clinical diagnostic use.

Download Microscope Components Brochure (15.11MB)