An Inside Look

In Search of Higher Performance

Nikon's ECLIPSE Si biological microscope supports current and prospective professionals such as pathologists, medical examiners and laboratory technicians working at medical and research institutions with its comfortable operability that helps them focus on testing. This product was developed to maximize performance at workplaces that support the health of the community. We interviewed the personnel responsible for planning and designing this microscope about their efforts to support users.

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Capturing Their Curiosity

The ECLIPSE Ei educational microscope was developed with a goal to “provide an intuitive, easy-to-use microscope for students who have never used a microscope before.” By lowering the learning curve, students can focus on the curiosity-inspiring images seen through the microscope. Members of Nikon’s Marketing, Engineering, and Design departments share their thoughts below on the design and production process of this unique microscope.

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How the A1 HD25/A1R HD25 achieved an industry-leading 25mm field of view

The A1 HD25/A1R HD25 confocal microscope has achieved the industry’s largest field of view, dramatically improving data throughput for confocal imaging. In this Q&A, we provide an inside look into the development and planning process behind this groundbreaking confocal.

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