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Nikon Instruments Europe BV und alle Nikon Niederlassungen in Europa beobachten aktuell sehr genau alle Entwicklungen rund um das Corona Virus COVID-19. Selbstverständlich werden alle durch die Regierungsorganisationen erlassenen Richtlinien von uns strikt befolgt.

Erfahren Sie mehr über die von uns getroffenen Maßnahmen.


Slide scanning with high optical performance.

The BioPipeline Slide system utilizing the Marzhauser Slide Express 2 loader provides an extremely robust and stable platform for automated slide scanning.

With several detector and objective lens choices, high quality images can be obtained and stored in a fully automated fashion.

Download Merzhauser SlideExpress 2 (1.06MB)


Precision loading and imaging

By using a cassette with precision slide mounting, slides are loaded with care and repeatability. This means true automated runs of up to 120 slides.

Because of the slide mounting mechanism, flatness across the slide is also maintained, speeding up total acquisition time by negating the need for repeated autofocus over long distances.

Seamless tiled images in brightfield or fluorescence

Capture data, not background

For slides with specimens mounted randomly, a low magnification preview can locate the sample, then acquire only the sample at higher magnification and high resolution. Not acquiring the entire slide saves time and space. Users then have the tiled high magnification images (red square shows one FOV in the tiled image, shown at right)

Analysis Toolbox

Image analysis either during or post-acquisition is an essential tool for high content imaging. NIS-Elements includes several analysis workflows as well as capabilities for user-defined custom assays that can be applied to images.