EMBO I EMBL Symposium: Seeing is Believing 2019

Okt 9 – 12

EMBL Advanced Training Centre

Heidelberg, Germany

Booth #2

Shedding New Light On Imaging across the scales @ Seeing is Believing 2019

Visit Nikon in booth #2 at SiB and discover how we support your imaging at the molecular level

Being able to see biological processes unfold in real time allows us to understand the mechanisms of life as well as disease. The versatility and modularity of Nikon’s instruments enables microscopy across the full scale of biological organisation – from the molecular to the whole organism level.

At Seeing is Believing 2019 (SiB), Nikon will be highlighting high speed, high content confocal and super resolution imaging combined in one system. Users can obtain a large overview faster at confocal resolution with the live cell friendly A1R HD25 and record dynamic events in live cells with gentle illumination using N-SIM S. In addition you can perform single molecule localization in your biological samples with the highly robust and stable N-STORM 5.0. Switch between imaging modalities effortlessly without disturbing the sample by a simple click in the software. Using the powerful software tool JOBS, users can resonance confocal image and screen for regions of interest based on specific parameters for super resolution imaging automatically. This helps save time and increase objectivity in your research.

Our powerful JOBS software tool enables users to design and automate an experiment utilising the A1R HD25 and N-SIM or N-STORM sequentially, vastly improving user experience and removing bias. Nikon’s SR objectives series is designed to provide the highest quality point spread functions for super-resolution imaging, providing the lowest possible asymmetric aberration and superior optical performance required.

Visit us at Seeing is Believing and learn how you can capture the dynamics of life.

For more information, contact us at marketing.instruments.eu@nikon.com

Featured Products

A1 HD25 / A1R HD25

Hochauflösende, hochentwickelte konfokale Systeme mit doppeltem Sichtfeld als herkömmliche Punktscanner.

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Einzelmolekül-basiertes Super-Resolution-Mikroskop liefert die zehnfache Auflösung von Standard-Lichtmikroskopen.

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Neuartiges Hochgeschwindigkeits-Mikroskop für die strukturierte Beleuchtung mit hoher Auflösung, welches die doppelte Auflösung herkömmlicher beugungsbegrenzter Mikroskope bietet.

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Optimiertes strukturiertes Beleuchtungs-Super-Resolution-System für das maßgeschneiderte Labor.

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Super-Resolution Serie

Objektive, die für die höchste Qualität der Punktspreizfunktion für hochaufgelöste Bildgebung entwickelt wurden.

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NIS-Elements JOBS

Flexibles Inhaltspaket für die Lebendzellforschung.

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